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About UUDC

Ugandan Universities Debating Championship (UUDC) is planned to be the largest English speaking debate competition in Uganda.

This tournament is targeted at driving awareness, harnessing a research culture among university students and promoting exposure of good talent in Ugandan universities to the world. UUDC also supports Uganda’s initiative, through its Vision 2040, to accelerate reforms in the education system and the curriculum to obtain a globally competitive human resource with skills relevant to the development paradigm.

UUDC is an initiative of Mobinet Uganda, a subsidiary of Mobinet Group Holdings Limited.

UUDC will be held annually in the month of February with the first final on the 9th of February 2018. The idea is for UUDC to take place in a different town every year to further give exposure to the event and an opportunity for students and others outside Kampala to listen to and enjoy challenging debates. The tournament is geared towards gathering students from prestigious universities around the country, featuring 40 teams from around 10 Universities.

The debate will be panelled by some of the most influential figures in the corporate world.

The tournament is planned to last a week filled with; internal university mock debates, semi-finals and later the finale which will take place on 9th February 2018. The debates will employ the British Parliamentary (BP) format in which four teams compete against each other on two opposite positions on a given motion, which will be announced days before the finale debate.

UUDC will crown the winners with the title of National Champions where the university name will be engraved in the UUDC trophy and the winners will also be the custodians of the trophy until the next winners are announced the following year. The event also prizes the individual winners of the tournament with various prizes including gadgets and trips to some of Mobinet’s operations around the world.

About Mobinet

Mobinet Group Holdings Limited is an ICT company incorporated in Hong Kong with operations in Asia and Africa. The Asia subsidiary is incorporated in Taiwan with a focus on developing and sourcing applicable technology for our operations across Africa.
Mobinet provides consulting and technical advice to financial institutions and businesses across Africa with operations in Ghana, Liberia, Malawi, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Somalia and now Uganda.

Members of the Senior Management team have extensive experience covering banking and payments with a particular focus on fin-tech deployment in Africa. One of the core offerings from Mobinet is SIMPAY™ which is an exclusive proprietary banking platform coupled with SIM overlay technology in connecting the finance industry to their clients throughout Africa.


SIMPAY™ makes it possible for institutions to provide financial services to the millions of unbanked and underbanked people previously considered unreachable by using the right technology for the right environment.


As an organisation, the key goal of Mobinet is to enable individuals across Africa to benefit financially and socially from the advancement of technology. As a solutions provider, Mobinet continuously tailor their products and services to enable people in regionally diverse locations in Africa to have access to opportunities provided to others.

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